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We sell refurbished Xerox brand copiers. Some take longer to debug but when we are finished they run like they were designed. And the savings continue when you compare the prices of our copiers! We can save you thousands of dollars towards the purchase of any copier. Our job is to make sure you pick the right one from the beginning. 

If you own an old Xerox copier that requires too much service, call us! We offer generous trade-in allowances towards newer models. We sell the newer models at a very fair price and offer a full warranty with each one. Then we will offer you a service contract that assures your copier will maintain its reliability.
When shopping for a good used copier you have choices. I use the analogy by comparing it to car shopping. You can buy a new car or a used one. We have a good idea what they will cost new. But when you look for a used car you may get a bargain at an auction, save a lot up front and later find out if it was a wise purchase. Next, you can go to a used car dealer. You will pay more compared to the auction. It may have fresh tires, look good under the hood, and freshly  waxed. But if you buy one from a mechanic you trust you will have the best results. That's basically what we do at A-Tech.
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The refurb process

The refurb process is sometimes long and lengthy. When the copiers start breaking down we refurbish them. As we check all of it's features we note any noises, check the copy quality, software level, and jams. Then we remove the covers, paper trays, modules, transports, document feeder, optics and laser. The drive module is last, then the frame is vacuumed and the whole copier is blown off with a large compressor, wiped down and inspected. While it is just a shell the casters are inspected.

If the copier doesn't roll properly the frame is torqued and problems will occur. Nothing is overlooked. We rebuild them from bottom to top. All parts are inspected, worn parts are replaced, modules are rebuilt, the laser is cleaned, foam seals are inspected, panels are washed. The whole process is streamlined and we have a checklist we follow to maintain the highest level of quality. Did I mention I worked for Xerox at a refurb center here in town? I did for eight of my ten years with Xerox. It was a very dirty job but helped with my career of reselling these fine Xerox products.

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